About Us

Annai Anbalayaa Trust

Abandoned, despised, left to starve. This has become the fate of many old parents who are left to survive in their own by their children. With no where else to go, they spend their remaining days on the streets, under the bridge begging, starving, with tears in their eyes and no hope. Not anymore! We are Annai anbalayaa trust old age home are here for them. Our team of sympathetic and trained members reach out to such elders and rescue them for their state of living. They are brought to our home where they are groomed, fed and provided with medical care and comfortable place to sleep. Many elders due to their aging factor who have lost their way are also taken to our temporary facility in TTK Road where they are taken care of and reunited with their family.

Else after a period of 6 months they are taken to our Annai anbalayaa trust We have reunited more than 100+ elders who have lost their way. All the elders living at our Annai anbalayaa trust old age home are provided with best care and affection. Their final journey is also taken care with proper rituals according to their customs and traditions.

The homeless elders are looking for your support desperately. A small step from your side can make a big impact. Not being dependent on anyone is all they want.

  • Children: All kids need is a little help little hope and someone who believes with them in the proper
  • Education of its youth
    Education: the main hope of a nation
  • Charity Giving Is not just about making donation, it's about making diffrence