Our Work



Being inspired by the 1989 United Nations Convention on The Rights of the Child, Annai  Anbalayaa Trust focusing specifically on the rights of children without parents. These rights are at the heart of everything we do.

Every child has rights to enjoy the best in their life and our job is to do best to ensure care, protection, food and create opportunity for overall development of all children without parents. In order to streamline the child rights, Annai  Anbalayaa Trust is working in following key areas:-


Education is both the means and end to a better life. We work towards imparting quality education to all the children in our home. All children have been admitted to nearby schools and are provided regular supportive supervision by a resident counsellor in the home. The trust is planning to have an own school to the children with best educational guidance which will be giving comfortable and supportive environment to them.


We work to prevent the children from being exploited and trafficked into vulnerable area. We take a positive and hopeful approach aiming safety and well-being. Annai Anbalayaa Trust is in association of like-minded organizations and individuals, striving to create lasting changes with improvements in policy to protect the disadvantaged children.


The Trust is working with communities and the Government (public health department) to reduce preventable deaths, fight under-nutrition and improve service delivery to new born and maternal health care. Annai  Anbalayaa Trust is supporting the communities for accessing basic health care facilities, impart health education, create supportive environment for full immunization and advocate for the implementation of the integrated child development schemes. Every child’s basic need is food along with the safe shelter. We do believe hunger is the biggest challenge which needs to be addressed appropriately. We relies on generous grant donation from individuals, trust, foundations throughout the country. For the last fifteen years, many individuals have funded our work. It is an initiative appeals to well-wishers and donors to support yearly food expenses of a selected child of your choice and take part our effort in making the world a better place to live.