About Us

Annai  Anbalayaa Trust is an independent, non-profit organization working in care and protection of orphans, old-age women and abandoned children. Children  who have been deprived of the guidance and protection from their primary care-givers are more vulnerable to violence, exploitation, discrimination and health risks. They are equally underprivileged in formal education. Old-age women who have been rescued from the roadside are taken care by us.  We strive to guard the fundamental needs of these disadvantaged population by engaging in advocacy, education, problem analysis and the overall development of the child. Annai Anbalayaa Trust is running an orphanage at Athipattu, Chennai and Old-age Home for women at Royapettah, Chennai. Presently, we are having children and old women in different age group.  Annai  Anbalayaa Trust is recognized children home under JJ act Govt.of Tamil Nadu. The Trust is collaborating with the Govt.of Corporation. The Trust is closely working with Department of Social Welfare and Child line. The Trust has been received 80-G and 12AA certification and all the public donations are exempted under Income Tax Act.

The Origin of Institution:

The study about Juvenile delinquency on children as reflected in Tamil daily “Dhinatanti” in the year 2001 has inspired Mr. Sivakumar (Founder & Chairman) as a responsible citizen, understood that there are two categories of children who are more vulnerable to the offensive activities in the society, being children lost their guidance and support from their parents as well as the children without parents as compared to the children with disability.

These children are in search of food and shelters for survival tend to become anti-social elements in the society. To safeguard and protect these children for their basic needs as stated in UNCRC,the founder has taken steps to rehabilitate and provide basic education, shelter and food through a Trust, thus lead to the origin of the institution.

Annai Anbalayaa Trust has been established under Indian Trust act -1988 and have got registration under Juvenile Justice Act 2006. It is a recognized children home and started its journey with three children in the year 2001. Presently, the trust is taking care twenty precious life in an orphanage at Attipattu, Chennai in compliance with JJ. Act direction. The Trust is planning to accommodate more desperate children who are in need of assistance through public & corporate support. 


“Creating an environment in which every child lives a happy and healthy life”


To provide a safe and secured environment for abandoned and destitute children with proper shelter, food and value based education to live with dignity and respect in the society.